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WAF Web Application Firewall

WAF Web Application Firewall

The primary function of WAF is to protect your web applications from known attacks or unusual situations. WAF devices operate as L2 inline transparent, L3 inline proxy, or L3 one-arm proxy.

April 18, 2024

While they can function as separate devices, working as a module on LTM is not highly recommended for institutions with high traffic. This can lead to significant performance issues, unnecessary cost increases, and management challenges. Depending on the device and structure to be used, the positioning of the devices is crucial. Some devices may create topological mismatches due to the deployment methods described above. The capabilities of WAF devices vary, but from a security perspective, positioning them in proxy mode is advisable. In high-traffic scenarios, LTM and WAF should be separated. There are both physical and virtual deployment methods for LTM and WAF. Systems that require professional design should be analyzed topologically.